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1.  115 Riverside Road, Atholl ~5.2km from center of Willowild due for auction in 32606 days, on 01 April, 2104, at 11:00 (Master's Ref 67346/2012, Nedbank) - view auction details...


2.  74 Katakoere Street, Birch Acres ~19.2km from center of Willowild due for auction in 32256 days, on 17 April, 2103, at 11:00 (Master's Ref 43018/2012, Standard Bank) - view auction details...


type city suburb e.g. rosebank


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Hage (Zita) Attorneys in Sandton on 0117895567  (1 attorney)
Mbongwe (Mandla) Attorney in Sandton on 0110226795  (1 attorney)
Mafokate J T & Assosiates in Johannesburg on 0113312121  (1 attorney)
Phambane (Mokone) Inc in Randburg on 0117815159  (1 attorney)
August (Jade) Attorneys in Johannesburg on 0824807567  (1 attorney)
Van Niekerk (S P) Attorneys in Cresta on 0118882215  (1 attorney)
Wingate-Pearse (S D) Attorneys in Randburg on 0117891783  (1 attorney)
Mogwerane (D K) Attorneys in Randburg on 0118867525  (1 attorney)
Sischy (Tracy) Attorneys in Randburg on 0118860242  (2 attorneys)
Bester (Melani) Prokureur in Johannesburg on 0118843996  (1 attorney)

Location Notices: The original Legal Notices location. Serving 221* pages of gazetted Sales in Execution updated weekly, as advertised by banks.

* Average number of auction pages gazetted per week, Aug to Oct 2011, Government Gazette: Legal Notices, Section B: Sales in Execution