Sheriff Auction Report

What's the sheriff auction report?
It's an exclusive 10-11 page report compiled for each property on auction. Designed to provide you with all necessary auction information, and assist you in assessing and evaluating properties you may have an interest in. It comprises of

  • Auction summary, sheriff, attorney, maps to the auction venue
  • Official property description, aerial map and view of property, municipal valuation
  • Recently and pending registered comparative sales nearby
  • Owner information, bond, & transfer history
  • Suburb trends with monthly & annual sales, average sale prices
  • The official public notice, direct from the gazette authority
Auction summary, map to the venue

Property information, maps, valuation

Recent, pending comparative nearby sales

Owner information, bond, transfer history

Suburb trends, monthly, annual sales & prices

Official notice, original gazette

These private reports are accessible when viewing property and auction details online, and can be opened by subscribers on the sheriff subscription plan.