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2017/04/20 National Gazette No. 40795, Vol. 622
National Qualification Framework Act (67/2008) » National Policy for an integrated Career Development System for South Africa, No. 373   — Department of Higher Education and Training 41  
National Gazette No. 40796, Vol. 622
Higher Education Act (101/1997) » Extension of the period of submission of public comment on the Report of the Ministerial Task Team to develop a support and funding model for poor and missing middle students, No. 374   — Department of Higher Education and Training 5  
National Gazette No. 40797, Vol. 622
Basic Conditions of Employment Act (75/1997) » Investigation into the Contract Cleaning Sector KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa with a view to extend a Contract Cleaning Sectoral Determination prescribing minimum wages and conditions of employment, No. 375   — Department of Labour 5  
2017/04/18 National Gazette No. 40788, Vol. 622
Road Accident Benefit Scheme Bill, 2017 » Notice of intention to introduce the Act into Parliament in terms of the Rule 241 (1) (b) of the National Assembly, No. 302   — Department of Transport 5  
National Gazette No. 40789, Vol. 622
National Order » Awards of the Order, No. 357   — President of the Republic of South Africa 5  

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