National Gazette No. 40793, 21 April 2017, Vol. 622

Summary 20170421 - National Gazette No. 40793 of 21-April-2017, Volume 622, 284 page(s), 18 notice(s), 13.9Mb
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Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries    
Agricultural Product Standards Act (119/1990) » Invitation for public comments » Proposed amendments to the regulations relating to the grading, packing and marking of garlic intended for sale in the Republic of South Africa, Government Notice No. 358
Agricultural Products Standards Act (119/1990) » Invitation of comments » Proposed regulations relating to the Grading, Packing and Marking of Yams intended for sale in the Republic of South Africa, Government Notice No. 359
Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act (70/1970) » Enlargement of the area of jurisdiction of the Polokwane Local Municipality in Limpopo Province in terms of the subdivision, Government Notice No. 360
Agricultural Product Standards Act (119/1990) » Proposed Amendments to the Regulations relating to the Grading, Packing and Marking of Garlic intended for Sale in the Republic of South Africa, Government Notice No. 361
Department of Home Affairs    
Births and Deaths Registration Act (51/1992) » Alteration of surnames in terms of section 26, Government Notice No. 362
Births and Deaths Registration Act (51/1992) » Alteration of Forenames, Government Notice No. 363
National Treasury    
Taxation Laws Amendment Act (17/2009) » Allocation to Metropolitan Municipalities of General Fuel Levy Revenue, Government Notice No. 364
Office of the Valuer-General/ Kantoor van die Waardeerder-Generaal 365 Property Valuation Act (17/2014) » Invitation to comment on the draft regulations in terms of the Act, Government Notice No. 364
Department of Rural Development and Land Reform    
Restitution of Land Rights Act (22/1994) as amended » Amendment of Notice 924 of 2014, as contained in the Government Gazette Number 38128 in respect of Bokisi Community Land Claim, Government Notice No. 366
Department of Science and Technology    
National research Foundation Act (23/1998) » Notice of Intention to Declare the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) as a National Facility, Government Notice No. 367
National research Foundation Act, 1998 » Notice of intention to withdraw the Declaration of the Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartRAO) as a National research Facility, Government Notice No. 368
Department of Social Development    
Child Justice Act (75/2008) » Accredited diversion service providers and diversion programmes, Government Notice No. 369
Department of Economic Development    
Competition Act (89/1998) as amended » Notification of complaint referral, General Notice No. 303
Competition Act (89/1998) » Notification of decision to approve merger, General Notice No. 304
Department of Environmental Affairs    
Magistrates Courts Act (32/1944) » Intention to create Magisterial Districts and establish District Courts in the Free state Province as part of the Rationalisation of Magisterial Districts, General Notice No. 305
Department of Public Works    
Construction Industry Development Board Act (38/2000) » CIDB Project Assessment Scheme » Standard for Contract Participation Goals for Targeting Enterprises and Labour through Construction Works Contracts » Draft for Public Comment, General Notice No. 306
Department of Trade and Industry    
Standards Act (8/2008) » National Norm for the development of South African National Standards published, General Notice No. 307
International Trade Administration Commission » Customs Tariff Applications » List 03/2017, General Notice No. 308