National Gazette No. 41237, 10 November 2017, Vol. 629
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Summary 20171110 - National Gazette No. 41237 of 10-November-2017, Volume 629, 304 page(s), 29 notice(s), 46.6Mb
Publication  National Gazettes

Title Pages
South African Reserve Bank    
Banks Act (94/1990) » Registration as a Bank—NewDisc Limited, to be renamed Discovery Bank Limited, General Notice No. 878
Banks Act (94/1990) » Registration as a controlling Company—NewDisc Holdings Limited, to be renamed Discovery Bank Holdings Limited, General Notice No. 879
The Banks Act (94/1990) » Withdrawal of consent granted in terms of section 34 of the Banks Act to Maintain a representative office of a foreign institution in the Republic of South Africa » Banco BPI SA, General Notice No. 880
Board Notices    
Long-term Insurance Act (52/1998) » Draft determination of Equivalence of Reward, Board Notice No. 181
Department of Communications    
Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (25/2002) » Amendment of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Regulations, Government Notice No. 1246
Wet op Elektroniese Kommunikasies en Transaksies (25/2002) » Wysiging van die Regulasies Betreffende Alternatiewe Geskilbeslegting, Government Notice No. 1246
Department of Trade and Industry    
Standards Act, 2008 » Standards Matters, General Notice No. 881
Department of Basic Education    
The South African Schools Act (84/1996) » Call for written submissions from Stakeholder Bodies and Members on the amendment to the Regulations to include Preconditions for Multiple Examination Opportunity, Government Notice No. 1230
Department of Energy    
Electricity Regulation Act, 2006 » Licensing Exemption and Registration Notice, Government Notice No. 1231
Reëlingswet op Elektrisiteit, 2006 » Lisensievrystelling en Kennisgewing van Registrasie, Government Notice No. 1231
Department of Home Affairs    
Refugees Act, 1998 » Application for Asylum (Form DHA-1590 no longer in use), Government Notice No. 1232
Department of International Relations and Cooperation    
Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges Act (37/2001) » Publication of Immunities and Privileges, Government Notice No. 1233
Department of Labour    
Labour Relations Act, 1995 » Cancellation of Registration of a Trade Union, Government Notice No. 1234
Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 » Diving regulations » Inclusion of code of practice inshore diving, Government Notice No. 1235
National Treasury    
Local Government » Municipal Finance Management Act (56/2003) » Exemption from section 28(6) of Act and Regulation 72(c) of Municipal Budget and Reporting Regulations for certain Municipalities in Western Cape, Government Notice No. 1236
Non-Governmental Organization    
Veterinary and Para-Veterinary Professions Act, 1982 » Nomination of a Candidate for the election of Council Members for the remainder of term of office » 1 August 2016 to 30 July 2019, General Notice No. 877
Department of Public Works    
Construction Industry Development Board Act (38/2000) » cidb Best Practive Project Assessment Scheme » Competence Standard for Contractors, Government Notice No. 1237
Construction Industry Development Board Act (38/2000) » CIDB Best Project Assessment Scheme » Standard for Minimum Requirements for Engaging Contractors and Sub-Contractors on Construction Works Contracts » 31 October 2017, Government Notice No. 1238
Construction Industry Development Board (38/2000) » CIDB Best Practice Project Assessment Scheme » Standard for Contract Participation Goals for Targeting Enterprises and Labour through Construction Works Contracts » 31 October 2017, Government Notice No. 1239
Department of Rural Development and Land Reform    
Restitution of Land Rights Act (22/1994) » various Portions, Government Notice No. 1240
Spatial Data Infrastructure Act (SDI)(54/2003) » Approval of Land Cover Classes and Definitions 2016 Standards, Government Notice No. 1241
Restitution of Land Rights Act (22/1994) » Arable (Garden Lot no 146) and residential land (Building Lot no 94) in Cimezile Village no 17, Whittlesea, Government Notice No. 1242
Restitution of Land Rights Act (22/1994) » Portion of unsurveyed and unregistered land in Mandela Park, Government Notice No. 1243
Restitution of Land Rights Act (22/1994) » Portion of Land in Tom, Toot and Noponti Farms, Government Notice No. 1244
Restitution of Land Rights Act (22/1994) » Erf 369, Bathurst, Government Notice No. 1245
Department of Transport    
Air Service Licensing Act (115/1990) » Application for the Grant or Amendment of Domestic Air Service Licence, General Notice No. 882
International Air Service Act (60/1993) » Grant/Amendment of International Air Service License, General Notice No. 883
Department of Water Affairs    
Water Services Act (108/1997) » Intention to disestablish Mhlathuze Water and Transferring of Staff; Assets and Liabilities into Umgeni Water and Changing name of Umgeni Water into KwaZulu-Natal Water Board, Government Notice No. 1247
National Water Act (36/1998) » Proposed reserve determination of water resources for the Inkomati Catchment, Government Notice No. 1248