National Gazette No. 42100, 14 December 2018, Vol. 642

Summary 20181214 - National Gazette No. 42100 of 14-December-2018, Volume 642, 72 page(s), 16 notice(s), 2.7Mb
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Title Pages
Department of Basic Education    
National Education Policy Act (27/1996) » Reappointment of the History Ministerial Task Team, Government Notice No. 1367
Department of Higher Education and Training    
Continuing Education and Training Act (16/2006) » Disposal of and alienation of movable assets by Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges acquired with the financial assistance of the state, Government Notice No. 1368
Higher Education Act (101/1997) » Amendment of the minimum Admission Requirements for entry into Bachelors Degree Programmes for holders of the NSC, Government Notice No. 1369
Department of Home Affairs    
Births and Deaths Registration Act (51/1992) » Alteration of surnames, Government Notice No. 1370
South African Revenue Service (SARS)    
Tax Administration Act (28/2011) » Appointment and re-appointment of Chairpersons to the Tax Board, Government Notice No. 1371
Tax Administration Act (28/2011) » Incidences of non-compliance by a person in terms of section 210(2) of the Act that are subject to a fixed amount penalty in accordance with section 210 and 211 of the Act, Government Notice No. 1372
Wet op Belastingadministrasie (28/2011) » Gevalle van nienakoming deur n persoon ingevolge artikel 210(2) van die Wet wat onderhewig is aan n vastebedragboete ooreenkomstig artikel 210 en 211 van die Wet, Government Notice No. 1372
Department of Economic Development    
International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa » Sunset review of the anti-dumping duties on plates and sheets, film, foil and strip of plymers of vinyl chlodire (pvc) originating in or imported from the Peoples Republic of China and Chinese Taipei » Final determination, General Notice No. 799
Department of Rural Development and Land Reform    
Restitution of Land Rights Act (22/1994) as amended » Erf 16315 (comprising of Erven 13674, 13676 and 14057), General Notice No. 800
South African Reserve Bank    
South African Reserve Bank Act, 1989 (Act No. 90 of 1989) » Amendment of the Directive for Conduct within the National Payment System in respect of the Collection of Payment Instructions for Authenticated Collections, General Notice No. 801
Department of Trade and Industry    
International Trade Administration Commission » Customs Tariff Applications » List 10/2018, General Notice No. 802
Standards Act (8/2008) » Board of the South African Bureau of Standards has acted in regard to standards in the manner set out in the Schedule to this notice, General Notice No. 803
Department of Transport    
Air Service Licensing Act (115/1990) » Application for the grant or amendment of domestic air service licence, General Notice No. 804
International Air Service Act (60/1993) » Grant/amendment of International Air Service License, General Notice No. 805
Board Notices    
National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals » Rules, Board Notice No. 182
Community Education and Training (CET) Colleges » Invitation to Comment on Exposure Draft issued by the Accounting Standards Board, Board Notice No. 183