Provincial Gazette for Kwazulu Natal No. 1520, 08 October 2015, Vol. 9
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Summary 20151008 - Provincial Gazette for Kwazulu Natal No. 1520 of 08-October-2015, Volume 9, 16 page(s), 4 notice(s), 2.3Mb
Publication  Provincial Gazettes (Kwazulu Natal)

Title Pages
2015/10/08 Kwazulu-natal Health Act, 1/2009 » Department of Health » Notice of name change of McCord Hospital to McCord Provincial Eye Hospital, Provincial Notice No. 152
Kwazulu-natal Gesondheidswet, 1/2009 » Departement van Gesondheid » Kennisgewing van naamsverandering van McCord Hospitaal na McCord Provinsiale Ooghospitaal, Provincial Notice No. 152
Umthetho Wezempilo Wakwazulu-natali, 1 2009 » Umnyango wezeMpilo » Isaziso sokushintsha igama lesibhedlela i-McCord libe yisiBhedlela saMehlo, Provincial Notice No. 152
Municipal Property Rates By-law(s), 6/2004 » Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipality, Provincial Notice No. 153
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