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Summary20170421 - Regulation Gazette No. 40794 of 21-April-2017, Volume 622 No. 10709, 24 page(s), 3 notice(s), 424Kb
Publication Regulation Gazettes

Title Pages
Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries    
Agricultural Product Standards Act (119/1990) » Regulations relating to the grading, packing and marking of Soya Beans intended for sale in the Republic of South Africa, Government Notice No. 370
Department of Labour    
Labour Relations Act, 1995 » Cancellation of Registration of an Employers Organisation, Government Notice No. 371
Labour Relations Act, 1995 » Cancellation of registration of a Trade Union » National Sugar Refining and Allied Industries Employees Union (LR2/6/2/133), Government Notice No. 372

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