Regulation Gazette No. 42186, 25 January 2019, Vol. 643 No. 10907
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Summary 20190125 - Regulation Gazette No. 42186 of 25-January-2019, Volume 643 No. 10907, 52 page(s), 4 notice(s), 2.6Mb
Publication  Regulation Gazettes

Title Pages
Department of Justice and Constitutional Development    
Rules Board for Courts of Law Act (107/1985) » Amendment of the Rules Regulating the conduct of the Proceedings of the several Provincial and Local Divisions of the High Court of South Africa, Government Notice No. 61
Wet op die Reëlsraad vir Geregshowe (107/1985) » Wysiging van die Reëls waarby die Verrigtinge van die verskillende Provinsiale en Plaaslike Afdelings van die Hoë Hof van Suid-Afrika gereël word, Government Notice No. 61
Department of Rural Development and Land Reform    
Deeds Registries Act (47/1937) » Amendment of Regulations, Government Notice No. 62
Registrasie van Aktes Wet (47/1937) » Wysiging van Regulasies, Government Notice No. 62