Service Level Update | 20200818

Following my update to you on recent happenings compromising GGSA service levels, this is a sequel to where I'm at linked to my ID card withheld &o stolen by officials.

On 11 Aug, 2020, I head on downstairs at D'Salvatore Hotel in Yogyakarta at around 13:00 to extend for a day. Within an ~24 hour span, ~15-20 men, police, "FBI", and immigration show up at the hotel &o my rented room as I'm about to move on to trip me up.

The review is available at:

The supporting photos &o documents on the review, including the WhatsApp transcript between myself and the "FBI" guy appear on my Google shared drive at:

I now see a letter of demand from Johan Theron / Liandre van Dyk from SARS accounts Forensics Unit on Friday [] which may be further efforts &o initiatives on the part of officials &o authorities to compromise service levels &o secure more of my time &o other.

The authenticity of the email received from Johan Theron on the 24 hour court summonds &o blacklisting is unverified from this end. I tell Johan identify himself to me by way of WhatsApp via email.

This is the link to the WhatsApp transcript with the "FBI" guy here in Indonesia where I'm currently at.

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