Service Level Update | 20200913

Within a days, I get:

4 financial institutions around the world demand my attention

i) Payoneer based in New York, US, ii) FNB Bank in South Africa, iii) PayPal in California, US, and iv) Permata Bank in Jakarta, Indonesia This appears to be more than a coincidence. It's looks to me as if someone is up to something.

I publish my article on this online: Avalanches | World News, Indonesia, Boribudur | 4 Financial Institutions, around the World, Demand my Attention

Refer to my Google drive folder for supporting documents, emails, photos, and videos I take of the ATMs linked to this article.

Bitcoin | Crypro payments

After I go live with this for several months, the market is telling me, on little to no interest, it's not a viable payment method. It's not to be considered. Not for paying for your gazette subscriptions.

I pull the plug on bitcoin and / or crypto payments.

This option will no longer appear as an alternative payment method to EFT and credit / debit card payments on the Green Gazette SA order form. Here is confirmation on this.

In addition to the immigration of Indonesia, financial institutions join in on coming up with demands for my time and attention and / or other.

Green Gazette SA production and output is immune to the above mentioned activities of, and / or attacks from authorities. It does, however, result in delays in me getting back to you on your queries.

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