PayPal locks Green Gazette SA's money away & cannot be reached | Mark Berchowitz

Service Level Update | 20201001

Unusual activities from government and / or financial institutions persists. This is an update on each of the most recent:

PayPal locks Green Gazette SA's money away & cannot be reached

Weeks prior I get an email from PayPal for account re-verification or limited account functionality.

I go ahead with providing the mandatory information. They don't accept my registered business address. Today I discover the business is cut off entirely from all money in the account with PayPal. And any ongoing proceeds from billings to customers via PayPal.

I'm not able to make any online purchases with my money in my account either. All my funds with PayPal are locked away. I go for contacting their team for resolve.

There aren't any agents or support I can call on for resolve.

Government Agent(s) shows up at Burger King, Armada Town Square Mall, Magelang

Yesterday, on 31 Sep, 2020 at ~11:57 I’m seated at a table at the Burger King. A guy approaches, holds his phone up at a distance and takes a photo of me.

I tell him to delete the photo immediately.

After some interrogation from this end I discover Aku +62-857-0865-9671 is a government agent under instruction from Pak Widodo +62-813-5359-2022 based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I get this information out to reporter Murray Hunter [] within 2 hours.

I upload a map of my location, 3 voice recording on my interrogation of Aku. I take 2 photos of his phone. The photos show Aku and Pak’s contact details.

Let me know if you're aware of any way I can regain access to my money with PayPal.

Mark Berchowitz
+27 (0)11 083-6240
Green Gazette SA

These are other prior initiatives from PayPal to render my money inaccessible to me within the past few weeks to months

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