Service Level Update | 20201015

Nedbank can't figure out how to update my mobile number

On 02 Mar, 2020 I go for updating my mobile number with my business banker Veonna Simes [] on +27-10-248-9178.

I escalate this to Fourways regional manager, Steven Rudings [] on +27-83-641-3237. It ends up taking Nedbank weeks and / or months to get a verification SMS out to my mobile phone. Steven is able to send me an SMS from his handset, the banking system isn't.

For the past several months, 2 instructions I give Nedbank is to:

ii) update my cell number
iii) update my business address

When I go for registering for online banking, the app shows: "We couldn't link your profile. The details you've entered doesn't match your business information. Error code: R134 - You are not a signatory on the business."

I'm not a signatory

On my business account

Something is wrong

I must be the only signatory

On my accounts

I'm only able to register as "personal profile", not as "business profile". However when I gain access to the new mobile online banking months after my initial request ~22 May, the screen shows my personal and business account on the same profile. I also discover:

I'm a secondary user

On both my personal, and

Business bank accounts, with

Limited functionality

In order to perform certain functions on my online baking app such as update my payment limits, the screen shows I'm to "contact the primary user (the original profile owner)", so they can action this for me.

My cell number is updated (to some extent). On my more recent call to business banker Sasha on 02 Oct, 2020 from 15:37, I discover there's no cell number on file at Nedbank linked to my ID number.

Following my request to Veonna to update my registered address, I get 2 documents neither of which make specific reference to any address changes. Instead, the one document is a minutes of meeting of my business, where it's resolved among other things:

Nedbank be authorized to disclose

All information of my company's accounts

To all divisions and associates

With the information to be used

At their discretion

The 2nd document is a six page document for me to declare the ownership and control structure of my business. There aren't any changes to this information.

There is no specific reference

To updating my business address

On either of the 2 documents

There aren't any documents for me to sign to update my cell phone number, which has a higher level of security in so far as banking and / or access to my accounts and / or my money goes. The only requirement to update my cell number is my instruction via email, and an authentication call from the bank.

This week the most recent idea Nedbank's team comes up with is to delete my mobile number on their system, then add it again.

Supporting documentation and / or screenshots on this is available at:

A copy of the Whatsapp transcript between myself, and Steven Rudings is at:

It gives an indication on how long it takes, and how effective Steven as Nedbank's Fourways regional Manager is at getting his team to follow through on my instruction to update my mobile number, escalated.

Ongoing for several months.

Put this on the international news.

I'm available on the following numbers:


Mark Berchowitz
+27 (0)11 083-6240
Green Gazette SA

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