Murray Hunter of Asia Sentinel votes against humanity, against me | Mark Berchowitz

Service Level Update | 20201027

Information to be shared, on recent topics which influence Green Gazette SA's deliverability to you, is best chanelled via news and media.

Not via my business emails with you.

More than 1 month prior, from 15 Sep, 2020 I go for contacting reporters to raise awareness as to my situation. These are some of the reporters with scope and / or interests of a similar theme to what's going on this end.

reporter contact email news media
Vanessa Brown
Nationwide News
Harry Suhartono
Reuters, Bloomberg
Theodora Sutcliffe
Aja Styles
The Age
Lauren McMah
Nationwide News
James Massola
Sydney Morning
Daniel McCulloch
Australian Associated Press
Poulomi Ghosh
Times of India
Nop Meechukhun
Pattaya News
Anjali Thakur
Hindustan Times
James Wilson
Thai Enquirer
Austin Bush
Lonely Planet
Eben Diskin
Matador Network
Greg Waldron
Flight Global
Siobhan Robbins
Sky News
Alex Turner-Cohen
Nationwide News
Alfred Chua
Flight Global
Murray Hunter
Asia Sentinel
Charlotte Pointing
Live Kindly
Andrew Drummond News from the Orient
Wahyudi Soeriaatmadja
The Straits Times
Shannon McMahon
Washington Post
Sean Farlow
Gazette Review
Eben Diskin
Matador Network
Cailey Rizzo
Travel & Leisure
Samantha Rosen
The Points Guy
Michael Gebicki

I get a line of communication with Murray Hunter ~3 weeks prior, 07 Oct, 2020.

Murray Hunter of Asia Sentinel votes against humanity, against me

Murray is unavailable for the first week. Following this, I send updates via WhatsApp as to what's on near live over a 2 week duration, linked to prior happenings.

It's mostly 1-way communication from this end.

Topics include:

  • Challenges in me ordering and paying for food in Indonesia
  • Efforts from locals to take my transport from me, or be subject to extortion
  • Several officials showing up going for intimidating moves
  • Unusual and unexplained initiatives and / or events I pickup from financial institutions including:
    • Demands for my attention
    • Initiatives to render my money inaccessible to me
    • Unexplained cuts in my customer base on credit or debit card billing arrangements
    • ATM's that will not dispense my money when I go for withdrawals (video recorded)
    • Limited account functionality and / or access to my money
  • Power games and / or scams from immigration. They don't know if I can stay, or leave for my onward travels.
    • They have my passport.
    • I'm forced to sign a document at their offices to declare responsibility for my existence
    • I don't have my clearance for my onward travels I'm told I get on my most recent visit to Wonosobo immigration +62-821-4471-0323 (voice recorded).
    • My 2nd medical certificate I get is set to expire within days
  • Non-delivery of documents I send via courier, and / or delays in me getting my medication and / or health supplements
  • Ongoing provocation to violence which kicks off from the locals end. Even from security guards stationed at government properties
  • Police that suddenly cannot be called upon by me, even from a "tourist" police station, situated hundreds of meters from the largest Buddhist temple in the world

Asia Sentinel have an investigation team

To verify information I and / or others share

What does Murray do about this?

He doesn't respond to me

Instead, my situation escalates rapidly

Since Murray doesn't inform me neither he, nor his readership has any interest in any of these topics, tells me Murray Hunter [] +66-84-966-8710 is actually an informer, not a reporter.

The information I share with Murray

In confidence, in integrity, is used against me

Murray votes against humanity

Against me

The WhatsApp transcript "between" myself and Murray, is available for download here, or can be browsed as images. Media pertaining to the immigration run-around is at this shared folder.

Put this on the international news immediately.

Green Gazette SA's production and / or output is immune to all of this. Delivery and / or service levels are unaffected, other than

  • delays in me getting back to you
  • email I send to you now being blocked at your email gateway. If you don't get your alerts, first thing to go for is to get your hosting provider to whilelist, and / or tell them to allow email from GGSA to be delivered to you.
  • sheriff auction updates are on hold since Lexis Nexis [] can't pinpoint where my deposits are on my statement I get from them

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