4 police SAPS vehicles, several police harass me at the Shell garage

Service Level Update | 20210102

4 SAPS vehicles, several police harass me at the Shell garage

Within the past 24 hours, on 02 Jan, 2021 I head out from the hotel where I rent a room in Sandown, Sandton. Onward to the nearest Shell garage on Katherine Street.

It's at 23:42, where 4 (four) SAPS vehicles, pull up on either side and / or near to where I'm at. Then several police officers get out their vehicles and go for harassing me, led by officer Langa.

I head for the lit Shell garage shop entrance. It's under camera surveillance. When I reach the shop entrance a jeep-like tactical reaction unit patrol vehicle with big tyres arrives. The jeep pulls into the garage entrance to my right.

It's 24/7 SS

The same guys that patrol the hotel

Where I rent a room

I give the driver of the patrol vehicle a briefing on the situation. The driver's co-enforcer is in the passenger seat, already equipped and armed with a rifle.

During the briefing I give, I see, in the distance, another patrol vehicle of the same team cross over the intersection heading in the direction towards Sandton City. They approach the group of assembled police from behind.

The second patrol vehicle is then stationery, behind the police. Minutes later the police get in their vehicles, and drive off.

There is little to no way I have capacity, resources and / or time for business and my customers with this nonsense, ongoing for over 1-year.

It's my 5th request to obtain camera footage from establishments in the vicinity over the past 2 weeks on other incidents. The Shell garage surveillance team are non-cooperative in providing me with this. They go for delays and / or withhold proof on this.

This morning at around 07:00 at the garage, Thokozani confirms the surveillance team are late and are to be on duty from 07:30. I leave my number with him. They don't call back by 08:00.

Shell covers up

Offering protection

To offenders

Their number is


There are at least two witnesses from 24/7 SS, that is, Sam and George that observe the SAPS vehicles, police and arrival of both patrol vehicles at the scene. Shepard is present at the cashier at the time as well.

It's is the 3rd incident where several or more, police, and / or "FBI", and / or government agents show up where I'm at. The other 2 being at the room I rent. Why? For no reason whatsoever other than under the directive of others to do so. [1] [2]

Other incidents include government agents harassing me at a shopping mall, and days prior an on the spot search, in public, by the South African police, including my pelvic area. After my phone goes missing. Also near the same Shell garage.

Cash up for grabs

I want to give cash rewards to official(s) and / or member(s) of the South African police that give me verifiable information. As in the name(s), number(s) and / or address(es) of individuals giving these directives.

I want voice recording as proof, or equivalent

My number for Whatsapp is +27 (071) 365-1415

Individuals I want to catch are those that perpetuate this. They must be held accountable, responsible, and locked away for their malintent. For instructing and / or hiring officials of the state and / or other to carry out their crimes.

This report is also published on World News portal so everyone can see how the South African Police conduct themselves. What they spend government and / or state resources on. And how people and / or organizations protect offenders.

This is my 2nd call

To United Nations to put an end

To abuse of power immediately

Mark Berchowitz
+27 (0)11 083-6240
Green Gazette SA


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