South Africans join in on the attacks against me — II

Service Level Update | 20210110

South Africans join in on the attacks against me — II

This is a sequel to SLU | 20201230. To recap my resources are at a deadlock on overlapping demands for my attention. The most recent being for me to attend to escalating privacy concerns of South Africans that visit my website.

What do I do about this?

I go for building a further process to cater for their concerns. They can now, at their discretion, order the removal of specified GGSA documents and / or pages from Google search.

On demand

This technically enables people to remove part of, if not all of the official government gazette, as distributed by GGSA from Google entirely. So, over time

It's possible

The government gazette

Will no longer appear in

Google search results

At all

When I review the privacy concerns, there are few to none that pertain to topics such as the Guardian Fund and / or claiming of monies owing to those listed in the gazettte.

This tells me "privacy" is used as an excuse to i) make further and / or ongoing demands for my attention, and for ii) reasons other than privacy exclusively.

A number of establishments, restaurants, office parks and so on require identity number and other similar information including contact number as mandatory. Before a patron is able to order a meal.

Even from some restaurant take-outs.

There doesn't appear to be any hesitation and / or question from the visitor's part as to whether or not such information is "private", or openly shared with the security guard or maître d, with desk, pen and paper forms to complete.

As well as anyone else

With access to those forms

Or that sells your information

To marketing groups

And so on

Either way, to hide information in government gazettes from Google, click on the "remove from Google search results" button on any of the applicable GGSA website pages. Then follow the prompts to get your request actioned.

There's a catch

When I service your request for removal of gazettes, I levy a fee of R69 payable only via credit or debit card during the quick process to get your request attended to right away.

I process your request immediately from this end. It's to keep in mind there is a timeframe in accordance with the Google update indexing protocol before your removal request is applied at the search engine.


Mark Berchowitz
+27 (0)11 083-6240
Green Gazette SA


These are some of the "intelligent" and "mature" responses to the situation with photos and / or names / and / or contact details. This confirms the level of maturity of many adults to be in the same region as 8 year olds.

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