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Service Level Update | 20210124

My business communications is being shut down

The attacks against me switches back to my business again.

Yesterday, I detect my business email is not being delivered. Not even to Google Gmail mailboxes. I run a check on this at Verity ( When I pull the results from a South African PC,

It shows a question mark

The results are unknown

So the supposedly global authority on reputation and email deliverability can't calculate what my reputation is. I investigate this further. I discover, when I go for pulling the same results from the same website, from the US

My "Sender Score"

Or reputation measure

Is now set to 10%

From 87% two weeks prior

This tells me Verity don't want anyone to know my communications are down. Or it's something else. So the "leader" in global reputation measurements, and permission to communicate via email, calculates mine to be next to nothing.

To put this in simple terms

I'm not allowed

To communicate

And nobody must find out

About it

It's of a similar theme to "I'm cut-off off from the 'outside' world by immigration" ~2 months ago for 2 weeks strait. It's when the chief of Wonosobo immigration, Uckey Aditya tells me "silence, or I will kill you".

That's when when my phones are taken from me before I get deported from Indonesia for not wearing a t-shirt.

The pattern persists

There are those that believe

I must be silenced

This has nothing to do with my ability to deliver for you. Imagine you go for sending a parcel. Your courier delivers the parcel. It's signed for. Not by your recipient. From then on, delivery is no longer within your control.

In much the same way, your email provider / administrator / email gateway tells me the email I send to you, is received. And they sign for it. However you don't get my email. It doesn't get to your mailbox.

They do this to silence

And / or make it look

As if I can't deliver

When in fact, it's your

Service provider and / or gateway

That can't deliver

If you don't receive email from, get your email or hosting provider to white list, and / or tell them to allow email from GGSA to be delivered to you.

To stop receiving communication from me and / or my business, sign in, click "My Profile", then hit the "Close Account" button.

I go for a basic update to my Standard Bank profile to set my business preferences to email for i) OTP, and ii) notifications. I get an SMS from the bank 2 days ago at 13:35 for option ii).

I dial their call center to go ahead with my updates. The bank's agent tells me it can't be done. Only i) OTP via email. Not notifications. This tells me the bank is confused. They don't know if they can send me my email notifications, or not.

There's a discrepancy

Between the SMS they send me

And their call center

So I go for the OTP option only. They can't even get that right either. My call to Standard Bank I record is dropped before my instruction is confirmed done from the other end.

I call back. 5 times to follow up. All further calls from my number are cancelled. I call again. This time to another number. I get through. My call is answered after ~11 minutes. It's then dropped again.

You banks must do

What I tell you to do

Or your banking licences

Will be suspended

There's already an awareness on Avalanches World News where Nedbank can't figure out how to update my mobile number over several months. And a number of other financial institutions that go for cutting me off from access to my money:

If you know of someone else that knows of Green Gazette SA, and makes use of the online government gazette, and they don't get this update from me, forward this message on over to them.

Others won't know I'm not allowed to communicate, and how to fix it, if my phones are taken from me, and / or calls from my numbers are dropped and / or my outbound email is discarded before it's delivered to you.

Mark Berchowitz
+27 (0)11 083-6240
Green Gazette SA

To stop receiving communication from me and / or my business, sign in, click "My Profile", then hit the "Close Account" button.

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