In 2006, Doclog SA launched a campaign to raise awareness on benefits of scanning paper. Original, printed Government Gazettes, licensed under Government Printer's Copyright Authority No. 11325, were digitized and published on the Internet.

Organic growth drove website traffic from 2,670 to 11,668 visits per week in 12 months. GG appears within Google's top 10 for search "gazette", "government gazette", and lists in Wikipedia's Government Gazette of South Africa. The first rollout in South Africa serves up to 5,962 visits, and 20,237 page impressions per day — Mon, 15, Aug, 2011.


  • Awareness. An expanding knowingness that comes from among other activities: perceiving, understanding, appreciating and recognising.
  • Truth. Is precisely what it is.
  • Excellence. Excellence is a quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. It is also used as a standard of performance as measured.


To provide you with the leading online resource for the Government Gazette of South Africa. To add to the environment by thinking green, replacing paper-based solutions with innovative, value added online services, that save you time and money.

  • Save time. Instead of ploughing through piles of paper, pinpoint information in seconds. Find listings, advertisements, notices and articles with a mini "Google-like" search. Download, print, and email PDF e-Gazettes without getting drowned in boxes, files and piles of paper.

  • Get ahead. And get an edge on government news with hourly and keyword-based alert services that monitor latest Gazettes for you, keeping you informed on relevant news. As it's published. Searching and reading through latest content, that could take hours, now just happens for you in minutes. Learn more.

  • Think green. Government Gazettes of South Africa are portable, easy to search, easy to share, and easy to store. Less paper. More trees.

It's unlikely paper would go out of fashion. The global movement is to reduce wastage where a similar and more efficient result can be achieved. Every time you download a Gazette instead of obtaining a hardcopy, you directly save or directly contribute to the life of 1+ tree (1 ream of paper ~6% tree). *

We look forward to providing you with ongoing value. Kaizen — Japanese for "improvement", or "change for the better" refers to practices for incremental and continuous improvements. How can we improve?


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"You are most all pieces of shit for me. You will most all burn in hell. Guaranteed." Here's why — Mark Berchowitz

2Checkout cannot bill anyone that pays via Mastercard for 10 days now — since 29 April

Visa network don't bill GGSA's existing paying customers' cards
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United States justice department investigating Visa over debit-card practices — Wall Street Journal
2021-03-19 @19:00

I triple book, and triple pay for accommodation before I get a place to stay at tonight — Mark Berchowitz

booking.com secures and withholds my money and won't give my money to Letaba Guest Cottages for my booking I pay for — Mark Berchowitz

LexisNexis / Windeed withhold my money and tell me it takes up to 3 weeks to do an EFT since it's processed at their Durban branch — Mark Berchowitz

I'm displaced for the 7th time and only at SA. Explorers Backpackers goes from near vacant to fully booked at "lowest" season — Mark Berchowitz

Government withholds, suspends and / or discontinues gazette publications including the tender bulletin for 97 days now — since 01 Feb, 2021
I'm denied entry to South and Central American countries, visa exempt to South Africans, from OR Tambo including Argentina, Brazil, and Panama — Mark Berchowitz

My Airbnb account is shut down for no reason. Airbnb hide behind their corporate veil — Mark Berchowitz

South Africans are now the most restricted travellers in the world — Business Insider SA
2021-03-19 @ 13:23

Government of Thailand rejects their embassy endorsed travel visa D3417336 they put in my passport — Mark Berchowitz
2018-03-20 @ 18:35

I'm displaced from Bella Casa Guesthouse in Bryanston. The venue goes from near vacant to fully booked before I extend for a week on my original 3 nights — Mark Berchowitz
2021-03-26 @ 14:00

Bolt taxi driver Nandipha +27-614-888-614 teams up with police to withhold my phone from me for 34 days now previously linked to my online banking — Mark Berchowitz
2021-04-05 @ 16:00

The FBI of the United States offers me assistance, then doesn't have the authority, or know who does, to tell the police to release my phone — Mark Berchowitz

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