The site offers 3 alert and monitoring services to keep you on top of government news:

Green Alert Hourly
Gazettes are published hourly, typically 1-4 times per week day. Green Alert Hourly offers free trial, with option to extend personalized, email alerts summarizing these latest Gazettes that match your publication, and government department preferences.

Green Alert Keywords
Keyword alerts is a more refined approach giving you precise control over which news to monitor. It can save you time and gives you an edge by identifying news, opportunities, and notices matching your specified search terms. Delivering a personalized email to you when they appear in latest Gazettes.

Keyword alerts is on promotion so you can explore the benefits for free. Add up to 20 search terms, and receive up to 5 notifications on the free plan.

Green Alert Auctions
Auction alerts offers free specialized alerts for sheriff auctions, properties in possession (or sales in execution), as advertised by the banks, appearing in Legal Notices, B.

These alerts trace and provide you with a list of upcoming auctions on properties near your specified suburb(s). The alert is delivered once per week, typically every Friday morning.

To get in on the latest upcoming auction alerts
  1. Browse latest auctions
  2. Go for free auction alerts after specifying a city or suburb

If you're already in on alerts, you can review or add extra locations to monitor for upcoming auctions by signing in, then My Auctions Alerts. To unsubscribe from auction alerts at any time, click the unsubscribe link on any of your alerts received, or pause alerts from My Auction Alerts, Settings.