This site offers 2 alert and monitoring services to keep you on top of government news:

Green Alert Hourly

Gazettes are published hourly, typically 1-4 times per week day. Green Alert Hourly offers free, personalized, email alerts summarizing these latest Gazettes that match your publication, and government department preferences. Type your details to subscribe.

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Green Alert Keywords

Keyword alerts is a more refined approach giving you precise control over which news to monitor. It saves you time and gives you an edge by identifying news, opportunities, and notices that match your specified keywords. Delivering a personalized email to you when your keywords appear in latest Gazettes. It's as easy as 1-2-3.
  1. Setup your keywords *
  2. Receive alert as email
  3. Click on the keywords(s) in the alert to see the page in the Gazette where the match was traced.

* The service keeps an eye out for topics and searches you have shown an interest in. And it includes these to be monitored for you. With zero additional time and effort on your part.

Click the below to see sample keyword set matches that can be monitored:

Green Alert Keywords is available to paid subscribers @ R289 per month, or R1,295 for 1-year. Save time and get ahead on government news. If you are an existing paid subscriber, you automatically qualify for keyword alerts. To set keywords, sign in, then click My Keyword Alerts.