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Today National Gazette No. 45574, Vol. 678
Currency and Exchanges Act (9/1933), as amended » Notice and Order of Forfeiture to the state of money in terms of the provisions of Exchange control Regulation 22b made under section 9 of the Act » various Respondents, No. 703   — South African Reserve Bank 6  
National Gazette No. 45572, Vol. 678
National Environmental Management » Waste Act (59/2008) » consultation on the amendments to the Regulations and notices regarding extended Producer Responsibility, 2020, No. 1565   — Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 10  
National Gazette No. 45575, Vol. 678
Transport, Department of / Departement van Vervoer 1567 Disaster Management Act (57/2002) » Directions issued in terms of Regulation 4(7) of the Regulations made under section 27(2) of the Act » the Taxi Relief Fund towards the impact of covid-19 in the Taxi Industry   6  
National Gazette No. 45576, Vol. 678
Mineral Resources and Energy, Department of / Mineraalbronne en Energie, Departement van 1568 section 5b(3)(a)(i) of the Electricity Act (41/1987) and section 2(3)(A) of both the Gas Regulator Levies Act (75/2002) and the Petroleum Pipelines Levies Act (28/2004) » Proposed Electricity licence fees and levies on the Piped-Gas and Petroleum Pipeline Industries for 2022/23 Financial year   6  
National Gazette No. 45573, Vol. 678
Marine Living Resources Act (18/1998) » Extension of application period for the application for Rights to Undertake commercial Fishing of Hake Deepsea Trawl, Hake Longline, South coast Rock Lobster, Small Pelagic (Sardine and Anchovy), KwaZulu-Natal crustacean Prawn Trawl, Squid, Demersal Shark Longline, Tuna Pole-Line and Traditional Linefish in terms of section 18 of the Act, No. 1566   — Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 2