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National Gazette No. 44455, Vol. 670    
Restitution of land Rights Act (22/1994) as amended » Nicolton 192 JS, Government Notice No. 337
Restitution of land Rights Act (22/1994) as amended » part of Remaining Extent of the Farm Boschkopje 519 lS, Government Notice No. 336
Ment van 335 Restitution of land Rights Act (22/1994) as amended » portion 15, a portion of portion 5 of the Farm Hartebeesfontein 62 KS, Government Notice
National Gazette No. 44427, Vol. 670    
Ment van 323 Restitution of land Rights Act (22/1994) as amended » Erf 1498, Korsten in port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Metro, Eastern Cape, Government Notice
National Gazette No. 44383, Vol. 670    
Ment van 291 Restitution of land Rights Act (22/1994) as amended » various properties, Government Notice
Regulation Gazette No. 44394, R 11262, Vol. 669    
Mineral Resources and Energy, Department of / Mineraalbronne en Energie, Departement van R 266 National Nuclear Regulator Act (47/1999) » Regulations on the long term operation of Nuclear Installations, Government Notice
Ment van R 265 Fertilizers, Farm Feeds, Agricultural Remedies and Stock Remedies Act (36/1947) » Regulations relating to the tariffs for the registration of fertilizers, farm feeds, agricultural remedies, stock remedies, sterilizing plants and pest control operators, appeals and imports » Amendment, Government Notice
National Gazette No. 44333, Vol. 669    
Animal Identification Act (6/2002) » Regulations » Amendment, Government Notice No. 259
Ment van 258 Payment procedures for import and export permits under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), world Trade Organization Agreement (WTO) and African Growth Opportunity Act Agreement (AGOA) for the Year 2021 » Fees for the DALRRD Quota Allocation of Import and Export Permits, Government Notice
Regulation Gazette No. 44292, R 11261, Vol. 669    
Ment van R 221 Plant Improvement Act (53/1976) » Regulations relating to establishments, varieties, plants and propagating material » Amendment, Government Notice
National Gazette No. 44293, Vol. 669    
Restitution of Land Rights Act (22/1994) » Farm Mbonseni no 373, Government Notice No. 229
Restitution of Land Rights Act (22/1994), as amended » various claims, Government Notice No. 228
Plant Improvement Act (53/1976) » South African Plant certification Scheme for Wine Grapes » Amendment, Government Notice No. 227
Plant Improvement Act (53/1976) » Deciduous Fruit Plant certification Scheme » Amendment, Government Notice No. 226
Agricultural Pests Act (36/1983) » control Measures » Amendment, Government Notice No. 225
Agricultural Pests Act (36/1983) » Regulations » Amendment, Government Notice No. 224
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United States justice department investigating Visa over debit-card practices — Wall Street Journal
2021-03-19 @19:00

Government withholds, suspends and / or discontinues gazette publications including the tender bulletin for 80 days now — since 01 Feb, 2021
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South Africans are now the most restricted travellers in the world — Business Insider SA
2021-03-19 @ 13:23

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2018-03-20 @ 18:35

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2021-03-26 @ 14:00

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2021-04-05 @ 16:00

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