Green Alert Hourly

What are hourly alerts?
Gazettes are published hourly, typically 1-4 times per week day. Green Alert Hourly offers free trial, with option to extend personalized, email alerts summarizing the latest Gazettes that match your publication, and government department preferences.
How does it work?
Take Hannes, for example, who has an interest in latest "Department of Basic Education" and "National Treasury" notices. The department preferences are set in the hourly alerts control panel, accessible after signing in

Shortly after a government gazette is published with one or more notices from these departments, the email notification is received

The original gazette is reviewed by following the link "Review latest National Treasury notices" in the alert received

Similarly, you can choose to be notified on publications, and / or departments of interest to you.
Free trial hourly alerts
Hourly alerts is a free trial service. Choose between any of the 18 publications, and / or 54 departments to be alerted on when published. To try it out create a free account, or sign in, then My Hourly Alerts.