Green Alert Keywords

What are keyword alerts?
It's an alert service that keeps an eye out for your search terms. As soon as they appear in latest gazettes, you receive a notification.
How does it work?
Take Annatjie, for example, who has an interest in "catering services" and "events management" in tender bulletins. The search terms are set in the keyword alerts control panel, accessible after signing in

As soon as one or more of the search terms appear in latest tender bulletins, the email notification is received

And then the reference and original gazette is viewed by following the link "events management" in the alert received

Similarly, your search terms can be set to monitor for any topic or detail of interest to you. From as as broad as government department (e.g. "national treasury"), to bills, acts (e.g. "division of revenue"), to as specific as company registration, and ID numbers.
Try it out for free
Green Alert Keywords is on promotion so you can explore the benefits for free. Add up to 20 search terms, and receive up to 5 notifications on the free plan. Create a free account, or sign in, then My Keyword Alerts.