Service Level Update | 20200729

Green Gazette SA's service levels are compromised for weeks due to reasons beyond my control.

Whilst my problems are not yours as far service and delivery for you goes, this is a summary on why, and what's on the cards:

* My bank cards are frozen
* Access to my money is rendered inaccessible
* I'm limited and / or restricted from access the internet
* My bank account(s) linked to my source of funds are delinked
* My ID card and / or documents are withheld and / or stolen
* My resources are secured by other third parties

I'm seeing what I can do to correct the situation from this end.

References: See Google and Trustpilot for authenticity and accuracy on the above, with photos and so on here:

locals team up with officials - withhold &o steal my card
East Java Regional Police Station, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

access to my money, rendered inaccessible
PayPal Corporate Office, North San Jose, US

my money to my account, which turns to a black hole
Wirecard, Financial Institution, Dornach, Germany

my fact-based, authentic review, concealed &o dropped
Trustpilot A/S, Corporate Office, Kobenhaven, Denmark

is my money transferred to my account, or not
PayPal Corporate Office, North San Jose, US

ready, steady, let's go live, uhmmmm not
BitPay Corporate, California, US

lion air secures my money on an unconfirmed, confirmed flight
Lion Air Tower head office, Jakarta, Indonesia

airasia takes flight with my money
AirAsia Travel Agency, Indonesia

pay on the spot double at the airport for the flight, or abort it S.R.O, Brno, Czech Republic

I would appreciate it if you can assist in raising awareness as to what's going on here.

Mark Berchowitz
+27 (0)11 083-6240
Green Gazette SA

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