Service Level Update | 20200909

This is an update on what's happening this end to keep you in the loop on the series of initiaties to compromise among other things, Green Gazette SA service levels.

My immigration saga kicks off with the suprise visit from them at the room I rent at the D'Salvatore hotel in Yogyakarta on 12 Sep, 2020.

Immigration here in Indonesia don't know if I can stay, or go. The scenario created for me by them is I don't have a choice on either. There doesn't appear to be anyone in a position of authority able to confirm

i) I'm up to date on my temporary stay permit, and
ii) I'm not blocked in any way for my onward travels

I publish my review on this, online to Avalanches | World News, Indonesia, Yogyakarta | Yogyakarta immigration don't know if I can stay, or go

The set of information for my review with supporting photos &o documents &o pdfs is available on my Google shared folder.

I'm currently at a rural style village, Borobudur, not far from the Borobudur & Pawon Temple in Central Java, Indonesia.

Why am I sending you this information:

i) to raise awareness as to what's going on this end
ii) how does this impact my delivery &o service to you. Quite simply, most all my time &o energy is taken up, by demand, by authorities abusing their positions of power.

This may result in delays in me getting back to you on your queries.

Be assured, I see what I can do to maintain my business's service levels. Other than delayed responses, Green Gazette SA production &o output is unaffected.

Mark Berchowitz
+27 (0)11 083-6240
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