I'm cut-off from the outside world by immigration | Mark Berchowitz

Service Level Update | 20201123

I'm cut-off off from the "outside" world by immigration

Demands for my attention from government and / or financial institutions escalates to them securing 100% of my time


3 November, 2020, at 10:54, one day before my Indonesian stay permit is up for renewal, several men from immigration storm into the room I rent in Borobudur, Central Java.

When prompted from this end what the surprise intrusion is on about this time, a document is flashed in front of me. It’s in Indonesian, without explanation.

Some of the guys that show up have phones on camera or video mode. Some are armed.

I'm poisoned a week prior before my stay permit is up at Pasta Kangen, situated ~300m from the entrance grounds to the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

I pack my 2 suitcases. I get into one of the cars with 5 of the guys. They get me to the Wonosobo immigration offices, 1 hour 45 minutes from the room i rent. In the car im told “silence, or I kill you” by the chief of immigration, Uckey Aditya.

My phones are confiscated

Im separated from my luggage

Im cut-off from the “outside“ world

Im not allowed

To make a single call

Once they take my phones from me, the only neutral witnesses, (that is, the cameras and voice recorders of my phones) are gone.

Im locked away in detention

For 2 weeks strait

While in detention my “privileges” are limited to eating, and calling on security so I can go to the lavatory.

I break the all time record for the longest anyone is ever detained at Wonosobo immigration. It’s where one may find axe murderers, villains, vigilantes, and those that don't abide by immigration law. The prior record is 10 days.

I'm at detention for 14 days

I've no idea why I'm in detention

They don't tell me why either

Other than a video someone takes of of me outside a convenience store, not wearing a shirt, raising my voice after I'm physically provoked from the other end.

My sixth sense anticipates this.

I take photos 2 November from 10:24 at the same location days within this event with date and time stamps. My photos give an idea on what happens when I arrive at a convenience store on the scooter I rent, AB 3958-0I. Within 3 minutes the number of people at the location increases by ~7 fold. Why? To create these scenarios.

~7.5+ months ago

I already intend to move on from Indonesia several months prior, 7 April, 2020. My flight and accommodation I book and pay for and my invitation from the government of Cambodia is voided.

Not by me

I discover my flight is cancelled

At the Ngurah Rai airport

Hours before my flight

~2 months ago

My departure is further delayed as police, “FBI”, and immigration show up at the room I rent at Yogyakarta. As many as 15 officers. Why? For no reason. Days later I print, sign, and send my letter of demand addressed to the director of immigration in Jakarta, Jhoni Ginting, for my clearance to leave Indonesia.

There is no response

Not from, his secretary Zaeroji either

My situation with immigration already hits the Avalanches World News portal where awareness is created as Yogyakarta immigration don't know if I can stay, or go, as of 19 September, 2020.

~1 month ago

I voice record my visit with immigration officer at Wonosobo offices where I get confirmation there aren't any blocks for me to leave. However, I don't get my clearance certificate or stamp im told I get to move on either.

It's a contradiction from immigration nationwide

I can't stay at, and I can't leave Indonesia

It’s on the 27 September, 57 days ago, I log to my diary, one of the only ways I can move on from Indonesia is to get deported without doing anything “stupid“. This is a screenshot from my diary

My first 2 medical certificates I get for moving on, both expire primarily due to delays for me from the other end.

My plan works out for me

I get them to deport me

Soon after I discover I'm on several Indonesian news portals. Their news is controlled by their government. A press conference is arranged for me, by them.

At the time I think I get an opportunity to get reporters and people in on the truth, and share this with news agents and their audiences.


I'm told I can't say anything

To the media or reporters

Their news is controlled and manipulated by their government

I'm back at South Africa days prior

Last week Thursday

My health, wellness & rejuvenation products, all confiscated

Authorities and / or financial institutions across the globe work together as a team to disempower me and control my time and my resources.

A trap is set for me on arrival in South Africa at OR Tambo airport where without option to travel elsewhere, or review my luggage, my health products I'm legally entitled to make use of overseas are all confiscated by SARS customs and the Department of Health.

Including my male HRT (hormone replacement therapy), my HGH from China, my health and wellness products, my vitamins (even my ascorbic acid or vitamin C and collagen), my rejuvenation products including my stem cell therapy from Switzerland, my Lucchini IM placenta, and my Tationil from Vietnam.

All my products of which I purchase via my suppliers linked to one of the biggest online shops in Asia, Shoppee, headquartered in Singapore, Science Park. I have receipts for every single one of my items. My health products are all taken from me. Any resistance from this end, and I'm back in detention.

Put this on the international news

Green Gazette SA's production and / or output is in flow

Delivery and / or service levels are at standards. A number of email providers will not accept email from greengazette.co.za. It's now for me to get back to you on my backlog of business support requests so we're on the same page, and up to date.

Mark Berchowitz
+27 (0)11 083-6240
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