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South Africans join in on the attacks against me

Locals find a way to join forces with government and / or financial institutions to not only secure 100% of my time, also to effect further overflow and / or deadlock on my resources and / or capacity.

Soon after I create an awareness on these escalating attacks, ongoing for 1-year now locals join in against me and / or my business.


Using privacy as leverage

This is a topic I address successfully for years previously. I take steps to proactively offer those with their details appearing in the official gazette a good degree of privacy.

I discover a sharp rise in demands starting near precisely around the time I'm detained, then deported from Indonesia. For not wearing a t-shirt. I can't attend to these privacy inquiries with my previously successful model.

This is a list of some of those with "privacy" concerns and demands for my attention around the same time I'm detained:
Dikeledi Maphoroma
Sumedtria Kleyn
Thibaza Bululi
Mongezi Nyathela
Nkosifikile Radasi
Nikilitha Mbete
Sam Sephango
Tyrone intveld
Thale Letheo
Nailah Stellenboom
Tshimo Seshabela

This has a similar theme to a prior review I put out 19 July, 2020, where locals team up with officials to withhold my ID card, as publsihed on Avalanches, World News.

My call to the United Nations

Variations of these incidents are recurring. Likely until I can get to mainstream newspapers and / or media to expose those authorities and / or individuals linked to those institutions.

Some of which must be held responsible and locked away and / or given a death sentence for their actions, orders and / or directives.

My opportunity to report on ongoing attacks is brought to a standstill and or delayed. Instead of me being able to respond within days, it's now in the region of 6-8 weeks before I can get a report out on these ongoing incidents.

It's due to the increase in weight, frequency, and sources of the attacks against me.

This is my first call

To the United Nations

To deploy some of their troops

And squadron of tanks

At the sources of these attacks

And bring this nonsense

To an end

Seeing as though newspapers aren't interested in government and / or financial institutions abusing their powers and / or those that think they're untouchable, protected by their states.

Or they're paid-off to turn a blind eye

And keep quiet

The Indonesian government is already in violation of international treaty and law, for amongst other things, i) having me incarcerated for 2 weeks for not wearing a t-shirt, and ii) not allowing me to make a call, and iii) for having me bashed until I put my signature, on a document

Days prior, 27 Dec, 2012 at around 16:45 my phone with dual SIM +27-71-837-7648 and my Singapore number +65-9897-6175 goes missing at the Shell garage on Katherine Street, Sandton. I demand camera footage from the staff.

Minutes later, the South African police charge at me in one of their vehicles missing me by less than 2 metres. Two officers get out the car and go ahead with a full on the spot search of me, in public. Including my pelvic area. Nobody else is searched.

Police are more interested

In invading my personal privacy

Than recovering my phone

And locking away the criminals

This is preposterous

There are other recent incidents. It's my 4th demand for camera footage in the past 2 weeks. Two of which are at Sandton City, and the other, at the hotel where I currently rent a room.

People don't listen

It escalates

This is what happens

Truth is withheld and / or concealed

And my evidence is gone

In so far as news goes it's well known in countries such as Thailand and Indonesia, it's controlled and / or regulated by government. Not only. It's also fabricated to create false impressions and information to their audiences.

For example: making out as if I overstay in Indonesia on 7+ news portals. When in truth, I go for leaving Indonesia for 7 months without clearance to do so. Including my letter of demand I print and sign addressed to Jhoni Ginting, the director general of Indonesia immigration for me to move on.

It's following the police and "FBI's" surprise visit to the room I rent when I'm at Yogyakarta, that I convince the "FBI" guy, Aldhino to order the Surabaya regional police ~300km away to give me back my ID card.

When prompted from this end who investigates government, the response is "I don't know about that because it's not my job".

I put this review on the presidency at Indonesia, for Joko Widodo and at least one of his henchman, the chief of Wonosobo immigration Uckhy Aditya.

In Thailand, the government bans Telegram, the app that enables people to express their views, opinions, and news in a collaborative sense.

Since I arrive in South Africa, I'm displaced from the room I rent 4 times in a row, with exception of my 2 night stay over at the Centurion Road Lodge. Notice given to me, ranges from 24 to as little as 1 hour.

The last room I rent in Indonesia is for a duration of 71 days. Most of the displacements in SA are linked to my "family" that I'm forced, by immigration, to be involved with. For several years while I'm at Asia previously, I'm not displaced. At all.

These interruptions, disruptions, advances, and attacks against me and / or take me and / or my tiny business that doesn't even qualify for VAT down, are ongoing for 1-year.

This is a matter

Of international security

I stand alone

One man

It's my first call

To United Nations to put an end

To abuse of power immediately

Mark Berchowitz
+27 (0)11 083-6240
Green Gazette SA


These are some of the "intelligent" and "mature" responses to the situation with photos and / or names / and / or contact details. This confirms the level of maturity of many adults to be in the same region as 8 year olds.

  • Get a life
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