South Africans join in on the attacks against me — III

Service Level Update | 20210116

South Africans join in on the attacks against me — III

For the time being, I put an end to the attacks against my business with my 1-click privacy solution I build 1-week prior.

It doesn't end my war

SARS customs and the department of health team up to "confiscate", or more correctly, steal my health, well-being, and rejuvenation supplements upon my arrival in South Africa ~2 months prior.

I take photos of my luggage and contents before I travel. It's since I know what immigration and port authorities get up to. That is, take items out of my luggage, and put things in my luggage that aren't mine.

And set traps for me

Simple proof on this is there aren't any concerns raised from the other end when my luggage is checked thoroughly prior to my departure from Jakarta.

Including a scan, questioning on my content, my phones, with them having full access to my emails, my photos, my phone calls, my text messages, my audio recordings, my apps, my documents and so on.

When prompted from this end as to names and contact details of those involved in the initiatives at O R Thambo, there's no response from the other end. This way, they hide behind their state and / or corporate veils.

And cover up for each other

So I can't single offenders out

For their abuse of power

And ongoing attacks

Against me

I buy my supplements from one of the largest online shops in Asia, Shopee, headquartered in Singapore. I have all my online orders, even my paper receipts for my items which are for my personal use. When I review my SARS TRD1 document, it shows

Medicines not packed for retail

The "reason" for my health products including my vitamin C being confiscated or effectively stolen from me by the department of health is labeled as "restricted" on my same TR1 document.

So on the drive to have my basic permissions and privileges repeatedly revoked, the department of health, cast their vote, as me not being allowed have and / or take my vitamin C.

My products must also be "kept at their premises", which looks similar to i) "my money which must be kept from me to keep me safe", ii) my passport which must be kept from me by immigration, and iii) my ID card which must be kept from me by the police.

The value of my products is set to 0 (zero), even though they form part of my secret formula I develop, now stolen. One I devise over several years while abroad.

Including my stem cell therapy

It enables someone in their 40s

To look as if they in their 20s

Plus I have live proven results

What do you estimate the value

Of my stolen IP to be at

I head on over to my doctor at the Centurion Mall to get a script for my products. Dr Roux confirms the majority of my items are classified as supplements in South Africa.

Not even medications

So I can't get a medical script

For my personal products

Since they supplements

In so far as my response to privacy goes, following me providing you with a quick and easy solution 1-week prior, I receive 1 (one) request to fulfill. So from all the noise, panic, and 100's of abusive emails I receive, most everyone goes silent.

All of a sudden

It's no longer an issue

This tells me it's all an excuse

To demand my attention

I go for obtaining a copy of my 4-year B.Sc science degree certificate from your university of the Witwatersrand. Your university is non-responsive after follow ups from this end over a time span of weeks.

As for financial institutions, for me being at South Africa, in person, it makes no difference. A prior excuse is I must be here. I still don't have my accounts correctly setup.

There's too many voice recordings, videos, emails to get those interested in this bogged down in the nonsense. Ongoing for several months now.

You banks are most all useless for me

Some of your licences must be reviewed

And / or revoked

If South Africans want to know what's wrong with your local "system", and how to fix it, follow me for a day and make sure you have the authority to lock up, and / or fine and / or fire most whomever I interact with.

Ongoing blocks, stalls, and mess around tactics for me means my progress is at a deadlock. At least in South Africa.

For those that perpetuate this for me

You will burn in hell

Mark Berchowitz
+27 (0)11 083-6240
Green Gazette SA


These are some of the "intelligent" and "mature" responses to the situation with photos and / or names / and / or contact details. This confirms the level of maturity of many adults to be in the same region as 8 year olds.

  • Not all of us is that stupid.
    They are going to start with legal action against you.
    Kind regards,
    Cariena Kriek <>
    J van Zyl, Beyers, Rautenbach Inc.

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